About us

Mondo-Vino.it originates from an idea by Mondovino Srl, a specialized entity in the world of wine and spirits for over twenty years and among the leading companies in Italy today, distributing domestic wine products, and engaging in the import and trade of foreign wines.

The passion for wines, spirits, and the world that revolves around them has driven us to create Mondo-Vino.it, a portal that not only offers a wide array of quality wine labels, liquors, and spirits for sale at the best prices on the web, but also enriches the platform with information about products, the region, the history of wineries and distilleries, promoting a culture of responsible drinking.

Mondo-Vino.it was conceived for those seeking bottles at more accessible prices, for those, like us, who are curious to learn about the producer's history, for those who want to know about the surrounding region and the people who work there... in essence, Mondo-Vino.it is born for those who believe that enjoying good drinks should also be informed.